XXXI: DJ Jeffers

DJ Jeffers gives us a mix jam packed and guaranteed to get you moving. Be sure to check out Jprez, Journeymen and An Atoll which has a track on our recent compilation BORCD01.


XXX: Carly Barton

An adventurous mix from Carly Barton who has quickly become one of Portland’s favorite DJs.


XXIX: Nishkosheh

Alyssa Beers aka Nishkosheh is a facilitator at S1 Portland and half of Hammer/Sickle and recently blessed us with this very smooth mix for our podcast series. Catch Nishkosheh this Friday at Club Tropicana with Dirty Dave and Raphaël Top-Secret.


XXVIII: Break Mode

Break Mode aka Gumar, the Bed of Roses impresario puts together this finely curated suite of jams. The soundtrack to the quintessential Club Tropicana - layers come together to enhance the vibe. Silky edits, trance-inducing 90’s funk mutations, glossy house, kalimbas, saxophones, sine waves all fuse from beat to beat into a swirling party cocktail topped with a small turquoise umbrella. Drink up.



Portland native and now Vancouver BC resident Somn (Brandon Mcgrath) is a DJ and promoter of underground house and techno. He is part of the Tetris Effect collective and making waves, booking parties with the likes of Tin Man, Seb Wildblood, Coast2C, Aos as well as teaming up with Subversive Vancouver and the Adhoc collective. In this mix Somn takes you on a dark and electrifying journey. photo by Brandon Mcgrath


First Descent - Fugal (secondnature)
Fault is Found - Donor (Prosthetic Pressings)
Exact - Svarog (Circular Limited)
Relevance - Abstract Division (Labrynth)
Heaven - Aleja Sanchez (Deep)
Magnitude - Michal Wolski (Blank Slate)
Cryptocurrency - Derivatives (sacredsoundclub)
1948 / Concrete / Schaeffer - Altstadt Echo (Blank Code)
Doctrine - Skymn (Hypnus)
Lowland - Echologist, The Automatic Message (From 0-1)
Quantum Delusion (Wunderblock dub) - Vertical Spectrum (Wunderblock)
Second Life - UVB (Mord)
S8 - Rismu (Dust Rec)
Journey Into the Wastelands - Zadig (Construct Re-Form)
Rays of Light - Alfredo Mazzilli (Edit Select)
Celestial Longitude - AWB (Taapion)


“WAV Fuzz is back (fresh off the release of his EP WVZ on Bed of Roses) with new sounds for you lovely people. This podcast is full of only the choicest jams, guaranteed to get you moving your feet, your booty AND your brain. Yeah, these cuts will make you think – about life, about the future, they’ll even help you reflect on your past. These are thoughtful jams brought to you by a dance impresario whose only goal in this life is to make you and yours feel loved. Wav Fuzz takes this task very seriously – it keeps him up at night, but it’s all worth it when that struggle results in a wondrous, transcendent, dare I say, downright transformative mix such as this one you are about to hear. Give it a go party people, you won’t regret it.”
-Carver Peace Justice Clark Maneese
To purchase WVZ by Wav Fuzz visit our bandcamp page at THIS link


XXV: Nishkosheh X Daniela Karina

Women’s Beat League’s Nishkosheh and Daniela Karina take the reins for Bed of Roses podcast XXV. Their selections weave among dreams of desert journeys and cosmic musings, guided by their shared belief in endless jams. As co-founders of WBL (along with S1’s Felisha Ledesma), they’re part of a community dedicated to providing a support network for female-identified and non-binary people interested in music production and DJing - hosting educational workshops, providing access to equipment and throwing curated late night parties. You can catch them on XRAY.FM Portland every Thursday night at 1am!



Enigma - Sadeness (Meditation)
Magic Valley Tarot Society - MVTS4
Simone - 3einey (BK Morrocan’s Diner Mix)
Joakim Edit - Ride Me High
Experimental Products - Work That Beat
Bomb the Bass - Beat Dis
POV - R-Type III
Drone Lovers - Mug
Tonossepia - Quiero Estar Contigo
Justin Van Der Volgen - I’m Dancer
Cetu Javu - Situations
Black 8 - When the Sky Turns Red
Rockers Hi-Fi - Push Push (Original 12’ Version)

XXIV: Jason Urick

Jason Urick - Portland’s cosmic drone and avant electronics guru - presents an hour of disco meditations and percolating rhythms for Bed of Roses podcast XXIV.
On releases from Thrill Jockey and Oma333 Jason has taken listeners on pulsing sonic explorations that dance through abstract melodies and touch on dub, ambient, noise and techno. Catch his selections every Tuesday on on Galaxy My Dear, Tuesdays from 6 - 8 pm.


Yas Kaz - Camel Princess
Moritz Von Oswald Trio - Pattern 3
Melchoir Productions - Meditation 6
Florist - Final Bounce (Neo Image Remix)
Niagara - Abacaxi Limão
C'Est Life - New Year’s Eve 2013
Jazxing - Harlem Ballroom
DJ Sprinkles & Mark Fell - Insights (Sprinkles Alt. Mix)
Vakula - You’ve Never Been To Konotop
Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe & Ariel Kalma - Miracle Mile
Kit Clayton - Mimic & The Model 2
Osbourne - Afrika
Ajukaja - Ahiwo Ahiwo
Edward - Do It
Boof - Solar Eclipse On A Friday Morning
Pharoah Sanders - Tomoki
Veno - Iwa Ti Yo

XXIII: Grandsonbeats

Skywalker is the time and space traveller who can guide you through dimensions, embodying cosmic wisdom and the vibrations of the heavens. For Bed of Roses podcast XXIII, Chile’s grandsonbeats (aka Christian Nieto) gives us Skywalker Mix, becoming the angelic messenger and exploring some of 2015’s headiest in acid, house, techno and bass. With a recent EP on No Problema Tapes as well as releases under aliases Machuca and Niet Christ, Nieto has proven himself to be one of Chile’s most prolific dealers in slammin’ acid and unadulterated techno. All tracks on this mix are available for download on


Acid Mondays - Chi Ka Pasa (Dub Mix)
Akra - Warm Pretty
Infamous Boogieman - Boys Club
Blackhall & Bookless - Differences
Boska - Saviour
Moodymann - I Can’t Kick This Feeling When It Hits (Embryo Groove Nite Edit)
BuRu - Others (Rekord 61 Remix)
Cherushii - Wild Abandon
Erosion Flow - Aiir
Effy - Lumin
Dizzy Womack - Flares
Heartthrob - Does Your Car Know (The Acid Reprise)
Hernene - Rainy Dayz
Wolf - No Love (Wallwork RZR Ltd Colours Remix)
Willie Colon & Hector Lavoe - Timbalero (Nguzunguzu Remix)

XXII: Vera Rubin

Portland’s bad boy Vera Rubin takes us on a ride through the night’s white hot underbelly on Bed of Roses podcast XXII. Let yourself be seduced as primitive electronics and icy vocals lead the way. Touching on industrial, Neue Deutsch Welle and electronic body music, Vera Rubin welcomes the strange and disaffected with this mix. Disillusion has never seemed so glamorous.

The original artwork is Athanasius Kircher - Physico-Mathematica, “Mundus Subterraneus”, 1665.


Vice Device - Solvent
Cabaret Voltaire - Why Kill Time (When You Can Kill Yourself)
Lena Platonos - Mia Askisi Fysikis Alyti
Severed Heads - Dead Eyes Opened
Executive Slacks - So Mote It Be
A Split-Second - On Command
Chris & Cosey - Driving Blind
In Aeternam Vale - Money
Das Ding - Take Me Away
Neon - My Blues Is You
The Human League - Things That Dreams Are Made Of
The Knife - Pass This On (Shaken-Up Version)
Portion Control - Thrust Angle
Psyche - Unveiling the Secret (US Mix)
D.A.F. - Liebe Auf Den Ersten Blick (1998 Remaster)
Section 25 - Dirty Disco

XXI: Steve Terry

Steve Terry started out DJ'ing during the early ‘90’s at raves and club nights in the UK. He later started promoting parties in East London like the disco loft party Let it Happen and balearic meet up the Afternoon Sessions.

These days he is publisher at Wild Life Press an independent imprint focused on releasing books and catalogues on underground culture from hippies to house music!

Alongside the publishing Steve is a collector of nightclub memorabilia and owns what is likely the largest private collection in the world covering disco, house, techno, soul and balearic artifacts. He curates exhibitions and contributes to various institutional shows around the world.

The mix serves as a reflection of the bittersweet notion of change - the heart of an autumn sunset scene. Summoning the warmth of the summer day before, and the shimmering of the winter stars yet to come. The tunes within move gently through the seasons and through the inevitable turmoil of a changing landscape with a distinct assuredness in the power and beauty of life. It will take you there.


XX: Golden Donna

Joel Shanahan (aka Golden Donna / Purpura / Auscultation / Donny) is a producer of many forms. He has releases on 100% Silk, CGI, 1080p, Digitalis and evermore down the pipeline. This mix contains tracks by label mates, buddies and unreleased burners from Octo Octa and Joel himself under the monikers Donny and Golden Donna.. Joel recently set up his base of operations here in Portland and we couldn’t be happier.
Enjoy the mix!
photo by Alexander Pomper 2015


Gary ‘N’ Adam - Sound Space
Santiago Salazar - Mama Paz
Bobby Browser - Clubspinning
Golden Donna - The Nerve (Unreleased)
Aurra - In The Mood (To Groove)
Cherushii (Feat. Maria Minerva) - Thin Line
Keita Sano - Happiness
Credit 00 - Bacardi Beach House
TX Connect - 00707
Ike Release - Uprise
Black Suede - Connect Like 2 Ways
Virgin Blood - Hi Lydia (Rap Class Remix)
Octo Octa - Can’t Wait (Unreleased)
Donny - For You (Unreleased)
Donny - UV2 (Unreleased)

XIX: Nigel Long

A true connoisseur of the balearic from across the Atlantic, Leeds-based Nigel Long pulls from decades of record collecting for Bed of Roses podcast XIX. His selections will take you to Ibiza for a sunset soirée and mimosas at dawn. Saxophone bubbles up from the shoreline as Brazilian beats and blue eyed soul frolic on the beach. Kick back and let the sounds of “Feelin Kinda Blue” wash over you. photo by Alexander Pomper 2015

Paul Lansky - Idle Chatter
Florian Kupfer - This Society
Kobosil - Path
Oasis - Oasis Seven
R-Zone - Give Me More
400PPM - Lean Manufacturing
Crash Course In Science - Jump Over Barrels (1981 demo)
Voiski - From Sea to Sea
Jolka - Two (Going Up)
Gunnar Wendel - 578 (Omar S. Berlin Mix)
Seefeel - Imperial
P16.D4 - 10 up/3 down


In between building a modular synthesizer, throwing Portland’s infamous baby raves and working in his garden Alex Norman aka Xnor decided to drink some New Malort and make this mix for us on a dj program he designed. And we’re glad he did. photo by Tara Swenson 2014


Paul Lansky - Idle Chatter
Florian Kupfer - This Society
Kobosil - Path
Oasis - Oasis Seven
R-Zone - Give Me More
400PPM - Lean Manufacturing
Crash Course In Science - Jump Over Barrels (1981 demo)
Voiski - From Sea to Sea
Jolka - Two (Going Up)
Gunnar Wendel - 578 (Omar S. Berlin Mix)
Seefeel - Imperial
P16.D4 - 10 up/3 down

XVII: Coast2C

Among the most exciting artists currently working in the Northwest party landscape , Coast2c takes us on a journey through the peaks and recesses of house and techno with Bed of Roses Podcast XVII. A veteran of the Mexico City late night dance scene, she brings her talents as curator and DJ to Portland with her monthly Pan-American dance party Gran Ritmos. Join the Bed of Roses crew and Coast2c for a night of deep grooves and blissed vibes at the first installment of Destination Elevation at the Liquor Store this Saturday, March 14th.


XVI: Sappho

Megan Andricos, aka Sappho, is a Portland DJ and occasional producer that provides our dance floors with genre defying sets. She holds residencies at Turnt Up and Chicken Strip – parties we’re quite fond of. Inspired by the rave scene in the 90’s, Sappho continues to explore electronic music, particularly house and disco. Become a little more familiar as you listen to the 16th installment of the Bed of Roses podcast series.
Podcast photo by Tara Swenson. Model, Gianna D’Emilio
For more photos by Tara Swenson check out her tumblr HERE


D. Lissvick - A4 - Information
Cage and Aviary - Television Train (Platform II) - Internasjonal
Inigo Vontier - Fucked Up - Regith Records
Velvet Season & The Hearts of Gold - Camel Toe Central (Dreems ‘Lyre Liar’ Edit) - N/A
Mannister - I Love the Way You Hold My Hips (Red Axes Remix)- Correspondant
Erkut Tack n - Sevmek Istiyorum (Mehmet Aslan Rework) - N/A
Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons - Lovers’ Eyes (Mohe Pi Ki Najariya) (Dixon Re-Edit) - Crosstown Rebels
C.A.R. - Idle Eyes (Roman Fluegel Remix) - Kill The DJs
DrumTalk - Time - Huntleys and Palmer
Truck - Radio (Cage and Aviary Remix) - The Walls Have Ears
Crowdpleaser - Nenekri (Kalabrese Remix) - Multi Culti
Pastaboys feat. Osunlade - Deep Musique (Trus’Me Spritz Mix) - Rebirth
The Knife - Heartbeats - Rabid

XV: Graintable

When it comes to electronic producers here in Portland, Graintable is certainly a staple. His production work is recognized for its’ lush synth textures displayed over a wide variety of beats and percussion in unique and refreshing ways. In this mix he provides us with some four on the floor deepness and we love every minute of it. To bring in the new year here is a mix from one of our main dudes, Graintable.

Very special thanks to Austin Martin for letting us use his art for this podcast. You can find more at


Recondite - Levo (Club Edit) - Innervisions
Redshape - Leaves - Running Back
JTC - Escalator to Sorga - Bopside
Hodge - Mindgames - Hotline
Funkineven - Beat Crash - Apron
Marquis Hawkes - Tunnel - Creme Organization
October - Jaffa - Skudge
Project Pablo - Fork - Hybridity
Airhead - Macondo - Hemlock
Maxmillion Dunbar - Jubilee - The Trilogy Tapes
Simoncino - Abele Dance - L.I.E.S.
Mosca - Clinical Trial - Not So Much
Patricia - Drip Drawn - Spectral Sound
Creepy Autograph - The Yes Dance - Ultramajic
GoldFFinch - Endless Year - Clubwerks
Dense & Pika - Wandering Hands - Hotflush
Lando - Purple Home - MYTH
Gingy feat. Starving Yet Full - RAPT (Serge & Tyrell Dub) - Clone Royal Oak
DJ Ford Foster - Gold Cans - Unknown To The Unknown
Gunnar Haslam - Discrete Markov Dub - Delsin Records
Skee Mask - Serum (Session 1) - Ilian Tape
Surgeon - Fixed Action Pattern - Token
Bruce - Just Getting Started - Dnuos Ytivil
Melja - Steady Mobbin’ - Mister Saturday Night

XIV: Poppet

We were lucky enough to sit down with Poppet recently and conduct a full feature/interview which you can find HERE.

“I am an obsessive mix maker. This one includes many artists who have influenced and inspired me over the years.”


Kate Bush - The Dreaming
Glasser - Design
William Onyeabor -Good Name
Madlib - Episode XVI
Deerhoof - Mario’s Flaming Whiskers III
Niki&The Dove - Tomorrow
Benoît Piolard - Ardoise
Takako Minekawa & Dustin Wong - Enneagram Journey
Danielle Dax - Hammerheads
FKA Twigs - How’s That
Laurel Halo - Speed of Rain
Modjo - Chillin’
Dva - Zoppe
Lucky Dragons - Complement Song (Javelinas Remix)
Björk - Ambergris March
Roberto Cacciapaglia - Find Your Way
Sia - Chandelier
Bora Yoon - Speratus

XIII: Cherushii

“Taking you higher” is something many DJs claim as their forte, but Cherushii's new mix will have you on a rave-magic-powered flying carpet - over rolling hills, through ecstasy wave splashes and right out the big top. These tracks served as Cherushii’s guiding vibes, influencing her style and they provide insight into her motif: “I was a big time raver when I was a teenager, and this is the kind of stuff I used to put on in the car driving to/from the rave every weekend.” Cherushii has been touring the west coast and released the stellar Queen of Cups EP last year on one of our favorite labels, 100% Silk.


Microglobe - High On Hope (The Long Hot Summer Mix)
Wave - Enjoy Life (Surreal Mix)
Emotions - Happy Strings
DLM - Virtual Reality (Odyssey Mix)
Future Sound Of London - Calcium
Rhythm On The Loose - Break Of Dawn
Transformer 2 - Fruit Of Love (Techno Mix)
SL2 - D.J.’s Take Control (DJ Seduction Mix)
Gloworm - I Lift My Cup (To The Spirit Divine) (State of Grace Mix)
Jam & Spoon - Stella
Speedy J - G-Spot
System 01 - Drugs Work
Joey Beltram - Energy Flash
Outlander - The Vamp
Deee-Lite - River Of Freedom
Naghachian - Magic Keys
Airscape - Pacific Melody

XII: Bruce LaBruiser

Jenny Bruso aka Bruce LaBruiser provides Portland Oregon with some extremely awesome parties such as Dirt Bag. Providing us with a refreshing vocal heavy mix that is fun, emotional and just in time to celebrate our early summer, we bring you our 12th podcast: Bruce LaBruiser’s “Hot Lovin’ in the Summertime” mix.


BANKS - Goddess (Jerome LOL Edit)
Au Revoir Simone - Soebody Who (Tropical Remix)
Midnight Magic - Calling Out
Cut Copy - Free Your Mind
The 2 Bears - Church
Baio - Sunburn Moderne
Faul ft. Wad Ad - Changes
Glass Diamond - Gooey (Wild Culture Remix)
Hercules & Love Affair - I Try to Talk to You
Royksopp & Robyn - Sayit
The Knife - Raging Lung (Hannah Holland Remix)
Jessy Lanza - Fuck Diamond
Phantogram - Fall In Love (Jaded Inc Remix) Doss - Softpretty

XI: Daniela Karina

Daniela Karina knows how to jam. This podcast proves it as she allows you to sit back and enjoy the ride to Club Tropicana.


Parejito - Ayahuasca (Conexión Ancestral)
Asir & Clap Freckles - 3am
DJ Syztem@ - Leyenda Azteca
Javier Estrada - Aztechminimal vs. Cumbia
Finicox - Luanda Akstrazil
Homeboyz Muzik - Samburu Tribe
Yudi Fox - Kabwenha
DJ Marfox - Funk Em Kuduro
Paparazzi - African Roots
Lechuga Zafiro - Sapo de Manga
DJ N.K. - Não Chora Mais Não
Mala Noche - Pa Bo
Samadhi Sound System - Cumbia Ritual

X: Natural Magic

Natural Magic aka Mike Mckinnon and Matthew Quiet are the masterminds behind the party Limited Edition. They have also DJ’d at the first of our Club Tropicana party series and will return for the second with Suzanne Kraft. For our tenth podcast they have delivered a beautiful mix. A composition that will allow you enter the world of Natural Magic.


IX: Shannon Phone

Shannon Phone has provided us with our ninth installment of our Bed of Roses podcast series. This mix takes us to a new place. It layers collages made from stolen sounds, field recordings, vhs, netflix, youtube, synths, cassettes, vinyl, laraaji, corgan, carpenter. Most of these sounds were found in a free box and mixed live through an sp-303. We hope you enjoy this mix of Shannon Phone’s and make sure to grab the recently released “Genders” cassette via Purr Tapes.


80’s Stallone - Ducati
Sabrina Salerno - Boys (Summertime Love)
La Bionda - Wanna Be Your Lover
Scotch - Mirage
Silent Circle - Moonlight Affair
Ken Laszlo - Hey Hey Guy
Sandra - Heaven Can Wait
Embryonik - Gliding

VIII: Moon Mirror

Moon Mirror is a Portland, Oregon resident who produces shimmering cinematic pop unlike anyone else. For this podcast she has compiled a dance-dream inducing mixtape including some of her favorite Italo jams. The perfect mix to ease you out of your winter hole.


80’s Stallone - Ducati
Sabrina Salerno - Boys (Summertime Love)
La Bionda - Wanna Be Your Lover
Scotch - Mirage
Silent Circle - Moonlight Affair
Ken Laszlo - Hey Hey Guy
Sandra - Heaven Can Wait
Embryonik - Gliding

VII: Roy G Biv

Roy G Biv throws some amazing parties here in the NW (Panty Raid and Control Top to name a couple) and to back this up, she is also an amazing DJ. In her sets Katey Pants aka Roy G Biv feels no need to stick to one genre, freeing her to go wherever she wants, reading the room and foretelling what it needs before even it knows. For this podcast she has provided us with a mix of introspective dance jams that will keep you moving and looking toward the setting sun.


2020 Soundsystem – Everytime
Blancmange - Feel Me Now (Greg Wilson Remix)
Fever Ray - Triangle Walks (Rex The Dog Remix)
Eurythmics - Jennifer
Azari & III - Indigo (Konrad Black Remix)
Dee Dee Brave - My My Lover (Instrumental Mix)
River Ocean - Love & Happiness (Yemaya y Ochun)
Age of Love - The Age of Love (OPM Mix)
LFO - LFO (Leeds Warehouse Mix)

VI: Ghost Dub

Rachel Dubec is one half of Ghost Feet and when solo goes under the name Ghost Dub. Ghost Dub has provided the Pacific Northwest with amazing DJ sets bringing people to a deep realm of dark techno, house and electro with her own unique touch. In this podcast she has provided Bed of Roses with an intricate mix of jams that will alter your consciousness until the only thing that makes sense is to keep your body moving in rhythm. Ghost Feet is currently working on an album which will be out on Dropping Gems.


Pearson Sound - Hawker
Paleman - All Good
Orphyx - Cut Through
Trikk - Midnight Sequence (Original Mix)
Chmara Winter - Pushcan (Danny Daze Dust Mix)
Akkord - Folded Edge
Kamikaze Space Programme - Yuri Garden
Zed Bias - Tug
Maelstrom - Pool Chicks
Mak & Pasteman - Dither
Lakker - Preset NUMB
Ventress - Typhon (Svreca Remix)
Svreca - Hagagatan (Lucy Remix)
Scuba - Dsy Chn
Loaefah - Veal
Strip Steve - Micro Light (Light Year & Jensen remix)
Paul Woolford pres Bobby Peru - Erotic Discourse
Kepikei - Fence
Bandshell - Rise Em
Unklone - Tesuo
Alan Fitzpatrick - For an Endless Night
Mike Mind - Sea of Fog

V: Etbonz

Elliot Thomas aka Etbonz is a Portland resident that has provided us with some really great and inspirational dance music using his arsenal of hardware as well as his heady dj sets flexing his record collection. He also has releases on Voyeurhythm and Ecstasy as well as a 7” put out by I Want You Magazine and the recent Fantasy Club CD released by Avalon Kalin. In this mix Etbonz takes you through a mysterious journey guided by deep and awakening sounds, reminding us that life is the greatest invention.


Wladimir M - Planet E / Planet E
Torn Hawk - Put that crotchless thing on, then save my life
Manna - Our Earth
Hype Williams - Blue Dream
The Art of Noise - Legs
DJ Fett Burger & DJ Spekgutuz - Speck bass
John Heckle - Frankensteins Sweet Nectar
Doris Norton - Personal Computer
Das Ding - Take Me Away
Daniel Baldelli & Maro Dionigi - Frozen
OB Ignitt - Mysterious
Heatsick - Speculative
Gesloten Cirkel - Gesloten Cirkel
Ital - Culture Clubs (No Culture) (Hieroglyphic Being remix)
James K - Druntrack (Florian Kupfer remix)
Cock Robin - The Promises You Made (New Found Land edit)
Spike - E.S. Rever

IV: Los Datos

Very special guest for our fourth podcast, Jesse Mejia aka Los Datos He is one half of Portland's own purveyors of acidic dance groovesAcid Farm He also spends time building synthesizers, collaborating with performance artists, and developing lighting systems. Los Datos is a new moniker of his solo project. Los Datos brings us a mix that is as seamless as it is unpredictable.


Wally Badarou - Keys
Jasper Van’t Hof - Kinshasa ‘M Boté
Sade - Paradise (extra beats)
Hauschka - Radar (Michael Mayer Remix)
Actress - Ascending
John Talabot - Matilda’s Dream
Home - Lissajous Patterns 
RTPK - ジュエリ 

III: Nathan Detroit

Our third podcast is a mix from one of Portland’s staple DJs, Nathan Detroit. Nathan has been playing at some of the most successful DJ nights (Booty Basement and Pussy Control to name a couple) in Portland and has a great sense of eclecticness and style. Here is proof why Nathan Detroit is one of Portland’s most adored DJs. A mix Nathan says Is a “collection of synth-pop jams and silky house to wrap yourself up in on cold winter nights.


Teengirl Fantasy - Motif
Mr. Beatnick - Shifting Sands
John Talabot Feat. Pional - Destiny (Dubtool Version)
Cameo Culture - Parts Of You And I (Slow Hands Remix)
Pional - Invisible/Amenaza
Tangerine Dream - Love On A Real Train (Tyler Morrison Rework)
Lord Of The Isles - Radio Lollipop
Chris Malinchak - Call My Name
Disclosure Feat. Ed Macfarlane - Defeated No More
Kris Wadsworth - Mainline (Jimmy Edgar Remix)

II: Krycek

In this Destination Elevation suggested second installment of the Bed of Roses Podcast Series we are stoked to provide you with an elevated mix from Krycek. Morgan Hynson aka Krycek (also one half of Acid Farm) has an ear for jams that don’t only move you but also direct you to places both euphoric and unknown. The kind of mix you can listen to on a packed dance floor or with headphones while lying on your back looking between the stars.


Quazar - Day Glo
Chicago Skyway - Wet Flood
DJ Sotofett - Pulehouse (Reggi-Mix)
A Scorpian’s Dream - Graphics
Quazar - Moon Turns the Tides
Kerri Chandler - Track 2
Cristalli Liquidi - Volevi Una Hit (Oh Oh Version)

I: Bone Rock

For our first installment of the Bed of Roses podcast series, Bone Rock ushers autumn in with a beautiful mix of 60’s jazz/fusion. This mix follows his release under the alias J$pinderella titled J$pinderella$ Lil’ Gla$$ Slipper,out now on Oligopolist Records. Needless to say, the man has been busy. When Bone Rock was asked if he had anything he would like to say about the mix he replied, “Maybe something about the power of the jazz flute and the flautist… Sorry I don’t have more to say but, yeah, Eric Dolphy is the man!”


Cal Tjader - Charisma (She’s Got)
Eric Dolphy - Feathers
Eddie Harris - More Soul Than Soulful
Jimmy Smith - I’m Gonna Love You Just a Little Bit More
Kenny Burrell - Alone In The City
Eric Dolphy - 17 West
Lonnie Smith - It’s Changed