Break Mode

Gumar aka Break Mode explores sounds of disco, house, balearic, funk, techno, and beyond. From edits to original compositions. Break Mode’s is the journey into the beat that keeps us moving. Break Mode has been dropping tracks and dj mixes all over the Pacific Northwest since 2008 and has played with the likes of Machinedrum, Suzanne Kraft, Natasha Kmeto, Jack J and Hashman Deejay. Gumar is a co-founder of the Dropping Gems crew as well as Bed of Roses and Break Mode is one of his many creative outlets.

Daniela Karina

Daniela Karina channels underground club beats from around the world to share her vision of a polyrhythmic Pangaea with the dance floor. A new arrival to the Portland party ranks, she finds inspiration in emerging transcultural sounds. She brings the fringes of global dance music to the Pacific Northwest as a resident at Club Tropicana.


IBQT is the beautiful fusion of Gumar (Break Mode, Gumar & His Magical Midi Band and Dropping Gems) and Cole Baby (Scavenger Cunt, Cole & The Rats). Best friends forever at first sight, these two boys share one vision, some weird noise, and one decision. The decision is a commitment to sincerity, intimacy, positivity, and laudation of the female form. A boy-band from the future-past, IBQT invites you to their private slumber parties as Gumar and Cole Baby undulate over crouched fog and shed matching jumpsuits to reveal nightgowns. Initially spectators, we emerge as part of the spectacle and commune within the joys friendship, make up sex, and the rapture of a fine ass. And if it's true that no one can encounter another person directly, but only their style; IBQT's resistance to conform to one style creates a space where we can be nomads, together, across a wild musical terrain.

Kitchen DJ

William Lewis Bennett II / Kitchen DJ is a resident DJ of Club Tropicana, host of the now defunct radio show, “Are Friends Electric?” and one half of SexEfx. He seeks vibes from across the spectrum and humbly becomes a conduit for them when he can. Jams are his currency, and he isn’t frugal. Let Kitchen cook you up a party pizza or he might just put out a bowl of snacks. Either way, food is love.


WAV Fuzz

In between wake and sleep there is a landscape where lush sounds unfold. A landscape where natural wonders cascade out from underneath your feet as you step and in front of your eyes with each blink. Lichen shimmers to the beat, ferns flutter in the cosmic breeze.